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High and Low Voltage Cable installation:

LV Term

We can offer fully trained cable gangs to install and fix all cable types up to and including 33KV. Our operatives are all annually assessed in house for competency in all disciplines. They are JIB graded and have passed the ECS test. They are also trained in use of access equipment (PASMA), MEWPS (IPAF/CITB), Confined Space Working, Winch Operation (CITB), Substation trained (CP1 & CP2 by EDF). Whether on installed and fixed to vertical or horizontal containment, or laid in trench or duct, we have the necessary plant, equipment and expertise to install cables no matter the complexity of routing safely and cost effectively.


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High and Low Voltage Cable Terminations and Jointing;

Excavation of Trenches and Pit & Duct Systems:

Street Lighting c/w Installation and Erection of Street Lighting Columns:

NIC EIC Test & Inspection Certification (Domestic, Commercial & Industrial) Installation, Periodic & Minor Works: