Ever conscious of the need to ensure the wellbeing of our skilled workforce, Health and Safety at the work place is paramount in our organisation. Our dedicated work- force are continually trained and made aware that safe conditions can only be achieved with the co-operation of all persons concerned.

We have implemented a health surveillance programme where our employees have a minimum of one health medical check per annum, where a fit for work certificate is issued. During the health check there is a confidential life style consultation where advice and health strategies are discussed with the trained medical professional.

All the activities we undertake are executed under Company control by our experienced and qualified personnel and we have the skill and back-up within our organisation to be able to perform the most demanding of projects efficiently, economically and on schedule. T. A. Ronan are happy to undertake any size of contract, and our office based estimating team will endeavour to provide a competitive price based on the specific contract details.